Maple Ridge University, Inc

 Baltimore MD  US



Pedagogical Philosophy:

Students will demonstrate integrated, conceptual understanding of reading or mathematics. Students will develop a balanced set of complex skills for life-long learning to include: comprehension and critical thinking; analysis and problem-solving; clarity of creativity, oral and written expression. We embed a culture of support and excellence, which equals, self exploration, discussion, respect and growth. 

​​English 1-2: Tutoring is grades 1-2 is designed to balance both oral and silent reading, with fluency, accuracy, and comprehension. 

English 3-6: Tutoring in grades 3-6 is designed to balance as many opportunities for writing, both imaginative and expository, but more a stronger emphasis on expository writing, including, for example, summaries, book reports, and descriptive essays. Additionally, tutoring is designed to foster an appreciation for literature, educate in textual analysis, and provide students with an understanding of basic literary elements and poetry

Math 1-2: Tutoring is grades 1-2 is designed to to balance as many opportunities to grasp basic facts, automatic fluency, with problem solving and fundamental operations.

Math 3-6: In Math, students review and apply properties of whole numbers and develop a strong understanding of number theory.

The MRU tutoring program  also includes Creative Dance MovementCreative Movement is a joyful way for children to explore movement through music, develop physical skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination and promote creativity.

Mentoring Minds Support Group: Mentoring Minds Support Group (MMSG) is a leadership development course designed to empower young adults about learning strategies on how to build personal goals.