Kim and Tammy's Book Series is a project sponsored by MAPL. Eight books have been written, illustrated and self-published. 

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Maple Ridge University’s (MAPL) home schooling support program values a personal growth and liberal arts culture with creativity at the center of learning. MAPL's vision is to build a foundation for support, effort and excellence, while we help parents implement homeschooling for their child. Our previous project involved self-publishing of 8 children's books. Each can be purchased on Amazon. 

We are now moving forward with a new project. We are raising funds for a scholarship project for male high school seniors enrolling in college.Thanks to the Biden Administration, I am now debt free from all school loans. What a relief! This debt free experience has given me the opportunity to give back and help male seniors attending school in an urban school district, a population we often forget. This next journey is the scholarship project to help male seniors in an urban school so they will not have student loan debt. All donations will support the MAPL scholarship project (Tax-Exempt).  This scholarship will help male seniors who have declared a major in S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics) or any high demand career in S.T.E.A.M (Liberal Arts). These scholarships will honor Merit Students, Resilient Students and LGBTQ youth activists in Baltimore City. Students will have to write an essay, follow a criterion and essay winners will be rewarded the scholarships.

MAPL is open to serve the needs of our community, where we help young people "Think, Plan, Perform and Evaluate." We are not affiliated with Baltimore City Schools. We are a separate entity from Baltimore City Schools.

In order to fund this great opportunity, generous community giving is needed to help meet the goal to award scholarships yearly. Your financial act of kindness and contribution will have a huge impact. Every gift counts and is an investment in a student's future. With your help we will help male seniors have access to scholarships to attend college which is a great investment for the workforce economy. 

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