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​​​​​​​​MISSIONMAPL educates and inspires students to explore at their own pace. MAPL is open to serve the needs of our community.

 Baltimore, MD US (P) 443-295-6053

(F) 410-664-5631

​​Affiliate: Maple Rental Property Management LLC

​​​VISION: MAPL's vision is to build a foundation for support, effort and excellence, while we help parents implement

homeschooling deadlines for their child and provide tutoring after normal school hours and during weekends. We are guided in our work by the insights of strong character and self discovery. We do this by helping young people think, plan, perform and evaluate in a small family home.


​​​​EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY:MAPL is based on a profound understanding of morals and self discovery development that addresses the needs of the growing learner. We seek to families for babysitting, tutoring, and homeschooling support to equip and send students into the world, building confident young people who will lead a life of purpose. We are guided in our work by the insights of exploration and morals. We help young people think, plan, perform and evaluate. Support is provided during private tutoring after normal school hours and during the weekends. We will support families and strengthen student homeschooling portfolios. We will accomplish this by:

  • Providing a quality comprehensive MAPL experience using artistry talents, advocacy and project based materials;
  • Maintaining a secure support system with family oriented staff committed to family & community partnerships, professional growth and excellence, and future projects;
  • Fostering a self discovery learning experience, intellectual, artistic and moral growth;
  • Building a vibrant and inclusive family community that brings the wisdom and insights of exploring education and self identity.
MAPLE RIDGE UNIVERSITY, (Tutoring; Homeschooling; Projects)